Why Eno token is migrating to Polygon network?

There are a lot of reasons why Enotoken has migrated from Ethereum to Polygon. Ethereum may be the leading smart contracts platform in the crypto space but there is no doubt that it has become an overcrowded and saturated network. This high demand on the network, coupled with the inability to scale properly to accommodate its growth, has led to recurring scalability and fee issues, which happens to be some of the highest in the market.

Overall, projects such as Polygon have emerged with a solid community that have certain advantages over Ethereum:

  • Its promotion in the NFT world and crypto is growing considerably. Open Sea is one example where you can trade NFTs minted in Polygon. Another feature is the prestablishes metamask crypto wallet network on Polygon 
  • Transactions come at a lower cost in Polygon. It can cost up to a few decimals of $ cents, making it even more energy efficient.
  • It is a completely decentralized network

For these reasons, and many others, we believe that moving our project to Polygon is the safest way for the project to grow even much more than before.