White Paper

Legal Degustation

This white paper is intended to articulate the ENO project to prospective token buyers during the scheduled token sale event.

The information within this document is not comprehensive and should in no way be considered indicative of a contractual relationship between ENO and token buyers.

It's sole purpose is to present adequate and relevant information to prospective holders to help inform their decision. The contents of this document does not constitute an investment prospectus or solicitation for investment. Neither do they constitute an offering or the solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any jurisdiction.

This white paper has not been created within a legal or regulatory framework for any jurisdiction.

Prospective purchasers of ENO tokens accept all risks involved and are responsible for ensuring they maintain compliance with all relevant legislation in their own jurisdictions. The distribution of this document and purchase of ENO tokens may be restricted by law in certain jurisdictions.

Readers of this document and purchasers of the ENO TOKEN should ensure they are informed of any relevant legislation and should comply with it.

It is the sole responsibility of the reader / buyer to ensure that participation in the token sake is permitted under applicable laws in their country of residence or domicile.

ENO tokens shall not be offered or sold to, or for the account or benefit of, a citizen or permanent resident o the United States, Singapore or the people's republic of China, or any resident of a country in which american embargoes and / or sanctions are in effect, whether domiciled for tax or otherwise. and whether residence is primary or otherwise. This includes North Korea, Iran, Syria, Suda, and Cuba. Any individual who meets the above criteria is not elegible to participate in the ENO TOKEN sale in any form.

Certain statements in this white paper may be considered forward - looking. Such statement and further information are offered for illustrative purposes only and entail both known and unknown uncertainties and risks which may lead to significantly different outcomes from the ones given within such statements. Where this white paper is translated into different languages, relevant information may be misrepresented or lost, and the reliability of non . english white paper cannot be guaranteed.



The launch of our app will allow our users to have an identification within the digital enology market.

Access to exclusive events and experiences, but also allowing you to keep a historical record of your activity, purchase, and consumption of wine products.

Store your ENO Academy certificates, participating in exclusive tastings, or simply purchasing and tasting bottles using ENO as a means of payment.

Within the app you can trade your crypto assets, fungible, or non-fungible, thanks to the native integration of the ecosystem and our wallet.

We are the


ENO works to create the first decentralized wine movement to connect and spread wine culture around the world.

ENO tracks the journey of the wine, starting from the seed right to a wine glass, to maintain the value of the bottle through blockchain.

ENO connects producers around the world to sell their wine, reducing costs, securing trades and spreading the culture of their craft with no limitation in a fair and faster transaction.


Private Sale

500,000 TOKENS

Private investors who provide seed capital of a project.


2,000,000 TOKENS

Capitalization begins with the first buyers.


3,750,000 TOKENS

General market sales open.


2,500,000 TOKENS

Intended for all of the project's marketing.


2,500,000 TOKENS

To create a clear strategic framework, assign a dedicated team to safeguard the project and make it grow and innovate, and have a test environment for the entire ecosystem.

Market makers

2,500,000 TOKENS

They serve to care for and sustain market prices and create balance in different exchanges.

Community Fund & Project Growth

8,750,000 TOKENS

To make the community grow with airdrops and giveaways, listing with other exchanges or any kind of action that makes the community and the project grow.


2,500,000 TOKENS

Group of founders who take care of the ecosystem and the sustainability of the project.