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As an EWSC member, you’re privy to a suite of benefits.

From early access to limited edition wines and exclusive tastings, to special discounts and more, explore how your WDA (Wine Digital Asset) membership enriches your wine journey.

Get access to the new wine horizon

Unlock the future of wine culture with ENO. Dive deep into a realm where age-old wine traditions meet the pinnacle of modern innovation. 

With exclusive access to our platform, you’ll embark on a journey that takes you across vineyards, connects you to renowned winemakers, and offers a sensory experience unlike any other.

Welcome to the new wine horizon, where every sip is an adventure waiting to be discovered.

What is ENO?

Unique Experiences

As an EWSC member, gain privileged access to once-in-a-lifetime wine experiences, from private vineyard tours to intimate dinners with top sommeliers.

Access to Curated Selections

Each month, enjoy handpicked wines from renowned vineyards, ensuring a premium wine experience at every turn.

Education and Workshops

Elevate your wine expertise with workshops, masterclasses, and seminars led by global wine experts and industry pioneers.

Networking and Community

Mingle with a like-minded community of wine aficionados, sharing stories, insights, and the joy of discovering new wines.

Special Discounts

Avail exclusive offers and discounts on wine purchases, partner services, and special events, enhancing your wine journey's value.

Priority Access

Ensure you never miss out with priority reservations for club events, wine releases, and special member-only experiences.

Exclusive Content

Receive insider updates, interviews with winemakers, and behind-the-scenes content available only to EWSC members.


Experience wine in a revolutionary way with the EWSC WDA Bottles. A blend of rich tradition and cutting-edge technology, these WDA bottles encapsulate the essence of world-class wines in a digital format. 

Explore a curated collection of virtual vintages, each with its unique story, flavor profile, and digital value. It’s not just about sipping a wine; it’s about immersing yourself in an exclusive digital vineyard experience, bridging the realms of tangible taste and intangible tech. 


Beyond just a place to purchase exquisite wine bottles, Cava ENO offers an immersion into a realm where wine meets innovation. It’s not only about enjoying world-class wines but also crafting memorable moments through exclusive experiences. Keep an eye out, the future of wine shopping and unparalleled experiences is coming soon.

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From 200 ENO

Chetau Camou: Reserva 2010 #6 of 20 available

From 200 ENO

Chetau Camou: Reserva 2010 #6 of 20 available

From 200 ENO

Chetau Camou: Reserva 2010 #6 of 20 available

From 200 ENO

Chetau Camou: Reserva 2010 #6 of 20 available

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