ENO Token

Explore the advantages and benefits of owning and using ENO Token.


The ENO Roadmap is our strategic blueprint for the future.

It outlines our journey, detailing key milestones, upcoming projects, and goals.

The roadmap reflects our commitment to creating a sustainable, inclusive, and dynamic global wine ecosystem.

ENO Whitepaper

Dive into our Whitepaper and discover how ENO is merging blockchain technology with the wine industry. Gain an in-depth understanding of our architecture, use cases, and the potential of ENO Token to transform the wine economy. Explore how we tackle current industry challenges and our vision for the future. Download our Whitepaper and join us on this exciting journey towards wine innovation.

¿What Is ENO Token?

The ENO Token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network, serving as a digital asset within the ENO ecosystem. With a total supply of 25,000,000 ENO, the token is divisible up to 18 decimals, enabling precise transactions. Its issuance may involve placement, rewards to encourage participation, and reserves for the community. The ENO Token provides access to exclusive benefits, facilitates interaction on the platform, and supports Wine Digital Assets (WDAs) to certify and authenticate wine-related assets in the industry.


Got questions? We’ve got you covered.

Dive into our frequently asked questions section, your one-stop shop for all your ENO related queries.

From understanding blockchain to navigating our ENO ecosystem, find your answers here.

ENO TOKEN can be acquired through the CEX LaToken, a trusted platform. Soon, ENO will be available on more platforms, allowing wider and more convenient access for our users.

The valuation of ENO TOKEN can be checked on globally recognized portals like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. These portals provide accurate and up-to-date information about the value of our tokens, ensuring complete transparency and confidence in our operations.

The circulating supply of ENO is detailed in our tokenomics. Out of the 25,000,000 ENO tokens issued, currently, 55% (13,750,000 ENO) is in circulation. Our platform adheres to rigorous standards, and we provide this information to ensure transparency and clarity in our operations.

ENO TOKEN offers a wide range of applications and utilities within the ENO ecosystem. ENO Token holders have exclusive access to a variety of products and services. Here are some examples:


Access to the ENO Wine Social Club (EWSC): As a club member, you can enjoy exclusive enological experiences, guided tastings by internationally renowned sommeliers, tours of emblematic vineyards, and high-end wine pairing dinners.


Purchase of exceptional wines: ENO Token holders can acquire high-quality wines from renowned wineries and vineyards through the ENO online marketplace, Cava ENO. Enjoy a carefully curated selection of wines that reflect the passion and dedication of their producers.


Participation in wine auctions: ENO offers exciting wine auctions, where users can bid and acquire exceptional pieces to enrich their collection.


Access to the ENO Wine Academy: As an ENO Token holder, you will have the opportunity to access courses and educational content related to the world of wine, taught by expert winemakers and recognized sommeliers.


Advisory and consultancy services: ENO Token holders can receive personalized advice and guidance in their investment decisions in the wine market.


Exclusive experiences: ENO Token provides the opportunity to participate in unique events and experiences, such as special tastings, visits to exclusive wineries, and meetings with renowned wine producers.


Access to the ENO community: As an ENO Token holder, you can join a passionate community of wine lovers and crypto enthusiasts, where you can share your experiences, exchange knowledge, and establish valuable connections.


These are just some examples of how ENO Token enriches the experience of our users. As a cryptocurrency that drives our community, ENO Token is the key that opens the doors to these valuable opportunities.

At ENO, we believe in the continuous evolution and development of our ecosystem. Staying closely connected with our community is essential to achieve our goals. Therefore, we invite our users to follow us on our social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter, and participate in our Discord channel, where we will keep them informed about exciting advancements and future projects of ENO. We appreciate your support and trust in our institutional vision of growth and prosperity.


At ENO, we’re committed to transparency, trust, and security.

Our Audit section details our compliance with industry standards and practices.

It showcases our dedication to ensuring a safe, secure, and fair marketplace for our community members.


Dive into the economic structure of the ENO ecosystem in our Tokenomics section. Understand how tokens are distributed, the dynamics of supply and demand, and how value is created within our community.

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