Airdrop Official Statement

Dear ENO Community:

ENO’s goal is to make the wine industry grow, as well as to spread wine culture around the world through blockchain.
Due to our recent Airdrop, our programming area registered an important amount of bots and scammers joining the campaign. This situation led us to ask for a second and third filter to complete the airdrop.

At this point, just as we were about to distribute the tokens, the Ethereum gas rates went up, making the conclusion of our Airdrop activity impossible, without endangering our ENO project in its whole.

We deeply apologize for this situation, and offer to our actual holders the following solutions:

1- A coupon for 10 ENO tokens instead of 6, sent by email to the 400 people that complied with the second and third filter. This will happen when we go to DEX, IN OCTOBER.

2- A “ENO winners Airdrop” for our 400 winners, where we will randomly -but transparently- select 5 winners of 200 ENO for each one, no matter the gas fee at the moment of the new Airdrop.
The 5 winners will be announced on September 25, and Airdrop distribution for this airdrop will be on October 1st.

We have a deep and true commitment to the project, and our priority is to build a healthy community with crypto users and wine enthusiasts, as we have continued to develop the project to accomplish our roadmap.

Best regards.
ENO Board